Our Vision & Approach To Learning


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Image below: our old studio in South London.


Oh Art! is committed to:
● Provide a dedicated setting to unfold the creative process of each partipant.
● Support confidence in the creative process by using a self-led approach inspired by Bruno Munari’s laboratori and method of instruction Playing with Art.
● Support autonomy, competence and relatedness by focusing in teaching life-skills interpersonal and intrapersonal skills by modelling positive social and emotional skills.
● Contribute to the Social and Emotional Learning of all participants.
● Promote an alternative way of education on the Visual Arts in our local community.

Our approach to Learning

At Oh Art! we aim to meet the creative, social and emotional needs of all our participants.

The idea is to create a flexible structure for exploration and experimentation to unfold, and to teach them in a fun, engaging and creative way the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. Although it may appear the child will have a finished work(s) in the end, this is not our main concern. Our aim at Oh Art! is to nurture creativity, guidance so they can manage their learning and creative experience, find joy in the exploration process, take risks, find solutions, and create for its own sake -not for external reward or opinion.

Our approach to learning is  to support all participants to be inspired, to experiment, establish a sense of own ability to succeed, and feel supported in their development and wellbeing by providing a rich, appealing and safe environment. We believe everyone is unique and everyone learns at their own pace. In our workshops everyone is supported in directing their own learning and exploration through learning by doing, problem solving and critical thinking. We also encourage collaborative explorations as part of their lifelong learning and social relations.
Our role as teachers is focused on being a facilitator and mentor. To be able to meet the creative, social and emotional needs, we understand and acknowledge the different psychological developmental stages in the child, helping us pinpoint their needs and work towards fulfilling them. Our roles as facilitators call for a horizontal relationship, where everyone is valued as equal. Mutual respect and positive, open communication are essential both for resolving conflicts and for encouraging everyone. The learning process is for adult and child alike, and sharing knowledge is fundamental to the equation, as it prepares and nourishes the mind for curiosity and creativity.
We are influenced by the work of Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. We take into an account Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach, Positive Psychology concepts like Flow, Mindfulness and Growth Mindset, and in terms of positive communication and conflict resolution tools, we utilise Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model and Positive Discipline parenting and teaching tools. We have dedicated a page solely to Bruno Munari’s method Playing with Art, as it is one of our greatest inspirations, and he deserves to be known around the world!