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We strongly believe that being part of a growing community is essential to contributing in meaningful ways to the advancement of education. We believe a child should succeed not only academically, but in life, and we are committed to the development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills (skills for life!). Education is about nurturing the whole person, letting the person be who she is, to find her path in life, be happy and be fulfilled.This space is dedicated to all those educational centres, institutions, organisations and individual people who are committed to a holistic and integral approach to education. If you’d like to take part of our growing community, contribute, collaborate or make connections, please contact us, tell us about you, what you do. If you are looking for support, please share your ideas and we’ll be happy to support you!
Groups in London:
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Things we like

● Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
● Democratic Education
● Positive Discipline
● Positive Psychology
● Human Scale Education

● Ashoka UK
● Phoenix Education Trust
● Social Enterprise UK
● Co-op Schools
● A Place to Grow